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[ Sunday, May 19, 2002 ]

Hey whats up its been a while since i last entered a post. Well my site has now been assest im
not quite sure what mark i got but im sure its good. ok im going again i will try and get back to
you soon blog bye

[ Monday, April 29, 2002 ]

I was just surfing the nedstat member webring, and I found a cool site under sports, and then
go to water sports, then wake up, or just click here also here is another link for the same site,
but it will lead you to a funny photo.

[ Sunday, April 28, 2002 ]

so what do you think of the new series of big brother compared to the last series?
I think that maybe this series might just be used by the house mates to further there
carrer options in the media, and would just be putting on an act in the house just so they
dont get kicked out or maybe? anyway Im going to surf the net bye.

[ Monday, April 22, 2002 ]

chanel ten rpm live web site has all the world rally and super v8 results, and up coming events.
I have just found a cool web site on design and the web here and as well as games, chat,
and other cool stuff. If you havnt seen hydros race before, its cool to watch check it out here,
and If your looking at buying something check out the tradingpost.com site.

[ Thursday, April 18, 2002 ]

If water skiing is not quite up your ally, maybe you should check out sports.com it has news
events and stuff on football, boxing, soccer, tennis, cricket, golf, formula one, and more. or
maybe you might be looking for sports camps, so that you could improve on your sporting
talents, if so check out this site which has heaps of sporting camps

[ Sunday, April 14, 2002 ]

Go to billabong.com and watch the beginning of this site how cool. quiksilver.com is a stylish
site it looks cool check out there designs. I thought that maybe ripcurl.com would of been a
cool site but its quite slack, and nofear.com has heaps of cool stuff including jobs and heaps of links.

[ Thursday, April 11, 2002 ]

mmmmmm well I cant believe that someone could have this much trouble with online journals,
but blogger is going through alot of changes upgrading which dose effect your site. how bout
checking this site fox sports it has alot of news, events,info and more, on all sports ie
basketball, golf, soccer, etc, and if cars is right up your ally and your a bit of a rev head (cool)
check out HSV or V8 SUPERCARS

[ Monday, April 08, 2002 ]

well Im back from the weekend, and as far as the weekend went it was ok. saturday a couple
of friends came around and i brought a litre of jim bean and I only ended up having one glass
it just didnt go down that well which sux. and I still didnt get to go skiing! now here is a really
good site its got wakeboarding, slalom, clubs, equipment, skiing locations, jobs and
more, but some of the links are still under construction, here is another site on skiing but focused
at waterskiing jobs, ranging from teaching advanced skiing, to working in a pro shop through
out the world cool hay, and here is another site with links on heaps of different sports not just skiing.

[ Friday, April 05, 2002 ]

working online isnt to bad, you can really explore in so many different ways ranging from making
your own site to just surfing the web its cool, anyway what Im going to do is add a new entry
every second day or third or maybe when I get say a cool web site to visit. yea Im starting to
work fast now sending emails, and working with the web its quite easy once you get the hany of
it. well now Im going to try and fix my site so wish me luck somethings bound to go right,
here is a link to go and visit while Im gone. also I think the imac computer web site is a
fantastic site check it out!

[ Wednesday, April 03, 2002 ]

mmmmmmm I dont know what is going on with my weblog I cant seem to correct the look
I want, and its not showing all my posts, and Ive lost my archives, but dont worry I will fix it
some how, so in the mean time check out this web site and I will be back soon. hey my weblog will only show the latest seven posts at any given time how do I fix that, I dont know shit. Im realy starting to understand the net more, and the ways you can work with it, but it still piss me off at times.

[ Tuesday, April 02, 2002 ]

well Im back from the long weekend, and as far as my weekend went it was alright didn't
get to go skiing but I think I might go back next weekend for the skiing nationals. as you
would be able to see on my site it all looks all over the place, Im trying to fix it now but it
makes it hard to fix when i get cut off from the net just when im trying to fix it. anyway got
blind on Sunday with a couple of friends we ended up going through two bottles of scotch
and some beer and still didnt get to go skiing here is a link on kneeboarding and
stuff its a cool site

[ Thursday, March 28, 2002 ]

hey I finally got to fix my template it took a while, but what I ended up doing was just starting a
new template and use the magic off cut and paste, now the next problem is my nedstat
image it wont show on my site as well as the webring table it is really starting to piss me off.
there is two many things going wrong I think the web is a joke too many things stuff up! and if
you need asistance you might as well ask your pet cat. any way im not going to worry about
it until after the weekend.

[ Sunday, March 24, 2002 ]

here is a cool site on wakeboarding with heaps of mags, book, videos, photo, and a search engine for certain issues or what ever. here is a site chilli factor that may interest people, that are interested in pushing their self to the limits cool or try extreme sports or try here for jet skiing and wakeboarding photos, as well as links. there's some pritty cool stuff on the net if your into these kind of things as well as tips for those just
starting out like here.

[ Friday, March 22, 2002 ]

my template is playing up it wont let me edit or add stuff to it, and wont let me submit it, i cant
seem to work out what is going on.

[ Wednesday, March 20, 2002 ]

here is a link for salem ski boats this was one of my friends business
back in yarra before they sold it. pritty good boats.

[ Monday, March 18, 2002 ]

Ive found that blogger is not too bad to work with, but when you make a change to your
template or add a new entry you cant see your change until around 24 hours later. anyway Im
looking for the website for the southern eighty (water skiing), and when I find it I will put the link
on my site.

[ Sunday, March 17, 2002 ]

at the moment I am connected to the uni server, and its starting to piss me off,
its slow, and it always cuts me off. any way here is the site for my uni csu I put
this in because its part of my assesment to include links.
here is a cool site on modern italian design it plays well with text.

[ Monday, March 11, 2002 ]

didn't really get upto much on the weekend, went back to yarra and did j.s,
but what i did find out is that one of my friends that i went to school with is now on
australian temptation island shown on seven SEVEN hes name is adam waycott.
also another friend harley belot alsofrom yarra just recently won the victorian wake
boarding championship

[ Sunday, March 10, 2002 ]

for those of you that have an imac and are looking for a good game i think you should
check out HOTGAMES and search for "age of empires" its a game about survival and building your own empire and defeting the other empires. anyway read up
on it at hotgames.com

[ Wednesday, March 06, 2002 ]


Well this summer I havnt done that much water skiing, and I think Im having withdrawles.
Personally I think for me to over come this is for me to buy a boat. I would like to buy a
Gilflight Integra simply because thay are the tpye of boat we used to teach skiing and I
found they were very versatile for all skiing. Here is a link SKIRIDES this is were I was
teaching people to ski at Yarrawonga for about 4 years.